Focal flower options for your wedding

When choosing your wedding flowers, you will need to make two main decisions: the colour scheme and the focal flower that will be included in all of your arrangements. Remember, the focal blooms you choose for your centrepieces don’t have to be the same as the bride’s bouquet. Her bouquet is very special, so this is where you can make an exception. All you need to do is make sure the colour scheme is consistent. Here are some ideas for your wedding arrangements.


Bold sunflowers

If you are looking for bright, large and impressive wedding flowers, you should ask your florist about sunflowers. Not only will they catch everyone’s attention, but they can also be shown by themselves or together with other flowers according to their preferences and budgets. This will make them an excellent focal flower choice.



If you like the idea of a sunflower but you need a smaller focal flower, you should consider gerberas. The additional advantage is the fact that they are available in various bright colours. If you’re looking for flowers that express your joy, these are the wedding flowers for you. Plus, you can select a single colour or combine multiple colours for vibrant bouquets.


Luxurious lilies

Calla lilies are popular wedding flowers for a variety of reasons. They have a unique shape and also a lovely sweet scent. White calla lilies are associated with innocence and purity, so they reflect the pure love of the newly weds. They come in other colours as well, but the white variety is the most popular. If you want a focal flower with a slightly exotic twist, Stargazers might be just what you’re looking for. They are large which makes them great focal flowers and their pink colour means they help create the perfect romantic mood.



An interesting fact to keep in mind when it comes to hydrangeas is that they are not big flowers. They actually consist of clusters of tiny flowers on a single stem. They come in multiple colours including white, pink, purple, and blue. There are also green varieties. If you’re looking for flowers that will fill a vase without buying too many stems, hydrangeas are your best bet.


Romantic roses

Let’s not forget the iconic rose. A classic and romantic favourite that comes in almost any colour you can imagine. While they don’t naturally grow in certain colours, such as blue, your florist can dye them to match your colour scheme. This means that they can be an amazing focal flower for any wedding.


Here are some of the best options to consider when shopping for the perfect focal flower for your big day. Take note of the general theme before making your choice. For example, roses will be more elegant, lilies are exotic, and sunflowers or daisies help create a rustic theme.