Arrange flowers in your hair for any occasion

Fresh blooms can make the most amazing hair accessories. There are so many amazing ways in which you can arrange flowers in your hair to spruce up your hairstyle. When choosing blooms for your hair, you should know that there are a few guidelines you will need to keep in mind.

Flower selection

When you arrange flowers in your hair, you need to make sure that you choose the right types of blooms. Not all flowers will last long without water and you need a bloom that will be just the right size too. If you are worried about how long they will last, you could always look for high quality silk flowers. Some of the top choices include roses, baby’s breath and small to medium-sized daisy-like flowers such as gerberas.


After selecting your blooms, it’s time to prepare them. Proper planning and preparation makes it easier to arrange flowers in your hair like a pro. The first thing you need to do is trim the stem to the appropriate length. You need the stems to be long enough that they can be inserted properly in your hair and so that it can be secured with a bobby pin. Of course, you don’t want the stem to be so long that it protrudes from the hair. If you have a bloom with a very flexible stem, you can use floral wire to reinforce the stem before securing it to your hair.

Essential tips to remember

  • When you arrange flowers in your hair, make sure that they are at ear level rather than on the top of the head.
  • Place a flower or multiple flowers on one side of the head only. You don’t want to place flowers on both sides.
  • Consider where you would normally add decorative pins to you hair, since this is a good spot to place a bloom.
  • You can add a flower to your ponytail too. Just make sure that you don’t insert it directly in the top. Position it to one side instead.
  • If you have your hair in an upstyle, you can add blooms lower down in your hair.
  • Avoid oversized flowers since they can look too much,

With these great tips on how to arrange flowers in your hair, you can make the most of so many different hairstyles look even better and more colourful too! A single stem can go a long way and even take the place of the classic corsage.