Best houseplants for beginners

If you are new to growing houseplants, you might not know which ones are best with which to start. Here are some of the best plants to grow indoors as you learn more about gardening and become more confident in your abilities.

Snake plant

The hardiness of these houseplants is what makes them so easy to grow. They enjoy plenty of light but they can still thrive if they receive moderate amounts. As for their watering schedule, you don’t need to stick to any strict rules. The only important watering guideline is to avoid overwatering.

Cacti and succulents

One of the greatest advantages of growing succulents and cacti is the fact that these houseplants don’t grow too fast. You won’t need to worry about repotting them anytime soon or finding a new spot to display them. These plants enjoy warmer environments with a good amount of sun and minimal watering. You do not need to water them until you notice that the soil is starting to dry below the surface.

Lucky bamboo

If you want houseplants that add beauty and luck, bamboo is a great way to go. Lucky bamboo is well-known for its ability to survive in conditions of poor lighting and sporadic watering. So, even if you feel like you have neglected this plant, it will not look the part.


These houseplants are sometimes considered difficult to grow but this is a common misconception. They are, in fact, easy to grow but it can be tricky to get them to bloom. They need plenty of warmth, regular watering and they enjoy high humidity as well as filtered light. When watering these plants, make sure that you fill the central cup. You can also fertilize the soil during the growing season.

By growing these houseplants to begin with, you will gain important skills that you can then use to cultivate more demanding varieties. It’s all about trying your hand with various plants until you find those that you enjoy the most.