Flowers to send after that first date

Impressing her on your first date is one thing. Dazzling her after the date is another challenge altogether! You want to let her know that you had a good time without coming across as too bold or overbearing. The good news is that your local florist is sure to stock several varieties of flowers in several colours so you will have more than enough to choose from!

The first bit of advice is to keep it as simple as possible. Don’t get anything too elaborate or over the top. This goes for size and the types of flowers you choose. While the cheapest flowers might not be exactly what you’re going for, you can still find lovely cheap flowers that will make her feel special!

Avoid red roses and other red flowers for that matter. Red flowers are associated with a deep and passionate form of love which might be too much for this early stage of your relationship. Pink flowers would be a better option if you want to send a romantic message without it being too intense.

The second tip to remember is to write a special message in the card that you send along with the flower delivery. Again, avoid anything too cliché or overdoing it in the romance department! Keep it simple but sincere and don’t forget to tell her just how much you enjoyed spending time together.

Another good point to remember is to avoid sending the bouquet to her work address. She might be a private kind of person and you wouldn’t want to make her blush in front of her boss, coworkers, or even clients! Send a weekend delivery to her home address instead or figure out when she will most likely be home.

Finally, if you like you can ask your florist to include a box of chocolates or even a cute stuffed animal. This way, you’ll give her that much more to enjoy and it will be that much more memorable!