Elegant flowers for Christmas

Regardless of the occasion, whenever you send flowers to someone, you need to put plenty of thought into your decision.  When it comes to Christmas flowers, many people already have a somewhat traditional idea in mind in terms of the design and flower choice.  That said, if you visit your local florist, you will notice quite a wide variety of Christmas themed arrangements available.  Not every one of them contains your most popular Christmas flowers, mistletoe and holly but they are just as elegant and festive.  That touch of elegance is always important and, particularly, if the lucky recipient is known for being elegant themselves.

If you are wondering what types of arrangements you are likely to find around Christmas time, one of the most elegant blooms of all is the rose.  You can therefore expect to find many arrangements that include roses.  While they might not be in season, they are considered a staple for florists and are therefore kept in stock throughout the year.  They might be more expensive when not in season but they are worth the spend if you want to make the recipient feel really special!  If you place a bunch of roses in various colours all together in a vase, their colours  will resemble the bright decorations and lights on your Christmas tree.

If you like the idea of sending roses but your budget doesn’t quite allow for a bouquet consisting solely of these more pricey blooms, you can always include them in a mixed bouquet.  Include other flowers like chrysanthemums and carnations which are also available in various colours but are significantly cheaper.  If you want the roses to stand out among your other flowers, you could use bright red ones and ensure that the other flowers you use are white.  This, along with olive green foliage will make for the perfect elegant Christmas bouquet.

Another flower that is the picture of elegance is the lily.  No matter which variety you choose, there’s something about lilies that makes them irresistibly gorgeous!  Royal lilies come in red and white and are perfect for Christmas arrangements.  You could use this one flower in just two colours and a touch of greenery for superb elegance.  Remember, elegance is not about the price tag but rather the simple beauty of the flowers.

If you can order flowers like tulips and irises at this time of the year, they would look absolutely lovely when added to a mixed bouquet or even on their own.  They both come in various colours and white irises look particularly striking when paired with other red flowers.

You may have also noticed that candy canes are a long standing tradition when it comes to Christmas décor.  They are available in various colours today but the original ones were red and white.  Oriental lilies come in white with red stripes and this makes them reminiscent of seasonal candy canes.  They look perfect on their own with just the right amount of foliage and perhaps some berries for that added texture.

If the recipient enjoys mixed flowers and colours, you could completely set aside the usual “rules” for Christmas flower arrangements.  You can include festive colours like white and red but you can also add dark shades of purple and pink flowers.  Different flowers not only add various colours and shades but they also give the bouquet plenty of texture variations.

Don’t forget about the vase and the role it plays in terms of elegance.  If you are ever unsure, you can always rely on the classic clear glass vase.  These vases can be used in any home regardless of the occasion or style of the bouquet.  Alternatively, you could use a glossy style ceramic vase.  Make sure that it is completely plain and just one solid colour – much like you would use in a modern flower arrangement.  Plain white or black are popular favourites since the recipient can use them for any other flowers delivered in the future.