Best ways to transport flowers in the winter

If you intend on ordering flowers to send as Christmas gifts and you want to make the flower delivery in person, then there are some things you need to consider.  When you send flowers with your professional online or local florist, they have transport vehicles and the means to ensure that your flowers enjoy a safe journey.  As easy as it might seem to have a florist deliver the bouquet on your behalf, you won’t get to see the joy on the recipient’s face.  In addition, if you are sending flowers for Christmas, it’s important to understand that florists don’t usually make deliveries on Christmas but rather a day or two before.

During the winter, you will need to observe most of the same transport guidelines as you would in the warmer summer months. When transporting a bouquet in your vehicle, you should always make sure that it is securely positioned and that it won’t fall over. The same goes for potted plants. You don’t want water or soil to spill all over your car. Crates are usually quite good for propping vases and pots up. You can stuff them with packing material like bubble wrap or newspaper to hold them in place.

As for those wet carpets, you can completely avoid this problem by almost completely emptying out the vase. Keep a minimal amount of water in the vase so that the stems are just covered. With potted plants, if the soil is moist, you will be fine. The drip tray should be dry.

You shouldn’t have any trouble keeping your car windows closed in these cold conditions (unlike in the heat of summer) and this is great news for your flowers because they don’t like the wind. In the summer you may have been inclined to turn on your air conditioner whereas the winter chill makes you crave the warmth from your heater.  It’s perfectly fine to use both of these features in your car but you need to be cautious. Do not allow your heater to blow directly on your flowers. This can do the same damage as wind coming in through your window.  You should also not make your car to hot or your flowers could wilt.

Another point that makes transporting flowers easier in the winter is the lack of harsh sunlight. The powerful rays of the summer sun can be your flowers’ worst enemy. In the winter, even if the sun is shining, it’s not nearly as hot and there’s no real cause for concern.

Even during sunny winter days, you need to remember that it is still winter and the air is crisp and cold. The cold air will make your car windows cold so you need to keep your flowers away from them. If your flowers are exposed to direct contact with the icy cold windows of your car, it can cause them to perish sooner rather than later. The same can be said for potted plants and plants are known to die completely if they are left against a window for too long.

As soon as you make your flower delivery, you should ensure that the water in the vase is changed and fresh water is added. If you have not trimmed the stems on the recipient’s behalf, you can explain to them just how to do it in order to prolong the life of their bouquet. Also, if you have somebody available to travel with you, it is obviously easier to ask them to hold the bouquet while you drive. Again, they need to be careful not to press the bouquet against the cold window or hold the bouquet in front of the heater.