Terrific flower scents to improve your mood

When summer arrives, the air is filled with some of the most amazing scents. There’s no denying the positive effect of these pleasant smells and the impact on your mood is all the more reason to welcome them into your home or send flowers to boost a loved one’s mood.

Lilies are some of the sweetest flowers of all. The scent of just a few stems is enough to fill a room and this, along with their elegant appearance is a sure to make anyone feel the love and joy. While their scent is quite potent, it is also really invigorating and refreshing.

Lavender is most likely one of the most recognisable floral scents of all. Although the flowers themselves are small, they have an extremely powerful perfume. These flowers are widely cultivated and the scent of these purple flowers is known for relieving stress. The oil made from this flower is used to relieve headaches and soothe itchy skin. It’s a popular ingredient in various bath and body products like soaps and lotions. These flowers can be added to bouquets and they are even wonderfully fragrant as dried flowers.

The scent of the rose is one of the most popular of all. They are delicately sweet and fresh. This flower has a lighter scent than some other, stronger floral perfumes and this scent is known for its calming effect. Pair them with lemon leaf and you’ll enjoy and even greater effect.

Orchids are some of the most elegant of all flowers. The most common type, the phalaenopsis, doesn’t have a scent, other varieties do. Other varieties, like angranthes grandiflora and maxillaria tenuifolia do have a wonderful scent and each one is as unique in smell as it is in appearance. What better way to compliment their glorious appearance than with the perfect perfume?

So, the next time you want to send flowers to lift somebody’s spirits or you want to improve your own mood, consider these wonderful options!