Flowers for various parties at home

Home parties are great options for hosting casual events as well as classy occasions. The key is to choose the best setting for the event. This means finding the right spot and decorating it appropriately The right fresh flowers can set the perfect tone no matter what you are celebrating.

For a casual backyard barbecue, you will want to keep it simple yet colourful. It’s not just about choosing simple flowers but also simple vases. Think about something along the lines of mason jars with daisy-like flowers. Remember, daisies come in various sizes and colours. Gerbera daisies are extremely popular and they can brighten up any table. If you’d like to use several bud arrangements, you could use glass bottles with just few flowers in each one. You can decorate each place setting with a floral napkin ring or tie a flower to all the wine glasses if you prefer. Think of using other elements like raffia. Some other flowers to consider include roses, lilies, asters, ornamental grasses, and sunflowers.

Garden parties are similar to barbecues with a little bit more structure. They usually include more decorations like lanterns, twinkling lights, and the table will be set out with finer cutlery and crockery. Flowers to consider include roses, peonies, snapdragons, lilies, delphiniums, hydrangeas, heather, tulips, geraniums, ivy, impatiens, and fuschias. Consider water or floating arrangements as well as floating candles in separate bowls.

Hawaiian Luau themed parties require specific décor and tropical flowers are needed for the tables as well as leis if you plan to give one to each of your guests. It’s also good to have a few extra leis just in case an unexpected guest or two arrives or if one gets damaged. You can also use fruit to decorate your tables and add colour. Again, tropical fruit is best for this theme and bright coloured tablecloths too. If you have a pool, you can set large flowers in the pool or, if you prefer, you can use large floating candles for evening parties. Use torches to light your garden (kind of like the ones they use in the reality show Survivor). As for the types of flowers to use, consider options like anthurium, birds of paradise, orchids, heliconia, ginger, and proteas. You can even use certain lilies, provided they have that tropical appeal. The flowers you use should be large and brightly coloured.

Dinner with a French Country theme can be created by using flowers like roses, irises, sunflowers, dahlias, French tulips, hydrangeas, delphiniums, and various herbs to decorate your table. Everything needs to be perfectly placed on the table and the flower arrangements should be displayed in blue or white-washed pots.

For a fun Mexican Fiesta, you can imagine all the bright colours and bold statements. Consider Mexcican style painted pots for vases and look for bright flowers like gerbera daisies, snapdragons, gladiolas, carnations, lilies, and tropical flowers. As long as they are brightly coloured, you’re on the right track!

Elegant dinner parties require something a bit different when it comes to the floral décor. You will look for blooms that are more understated and you can use softer colours. Fancy vases or even clear glass vases are perfect for such occasions. Consider using roses, orchids, tulips and various lilies. Keep the colour scheme simple yet consistent throughout the décor.