Wedding flower wall ideas

There are a number of flower arranging styles that almost instantly come to mind whenever you think of wedding décor. Wedding flowers are essential for giving your wedding the right theme and style. Apart from your usual vertical and horizontal arrangements, there are also other stylish options like bouquets set in floral foam and tablescapes, You can even suspend flowers and have a flower wall if you want to make an even grander floral display.

Like any other flower arrangement, flower walls come in all shapes and sizes. Before discussing such a design with your florist. From dramatic displays to the more modest approach, the flower wall design you choose will depend on your location, wedding theme, and your budget.

For the minimalist, you will need a few bunches of flowers and plenty of foliage. Create your own large floral wreath and secure it to a wall or draped curtains. If you like, you can skip the round shape and opt for a heart instead. If you secure the flowers to a solid surface, you could also add a sheet of paper and let your guests write a special message on your flower wall.

Achways are also popular but you don’t need to be conventional at all! Consider using your arch to hang flowers instead of simply attaching the flowers to the arch itself. Use flowers with long stems and, in particular, those with several flowers on a single stem. Place clusters of single flowers along the top of the arch and don’t forget about the foliage too! The final effect is that of a floral waterfall.

If you want something a bit more on the modern side, you can secure several bouquets to the wall by using wall vases. This is great because it will keep your flowers fresher for longer! Scatter your arrangements along the wall and don’t follow any particular pattern. Once you are done, use some kind of trailing greenery (like ivy or grape vines) to connect each of these vases to one another. In the end, it should look like the plant is growing on the wall and the bouquets are blooming from the plant itself.

On that note of not following any patterns, you too can get especially creative by using a mixed selection of flowers to cover a curtain or drape. Pin the flowers to the fabric and make sure that you alternate so that there are no clusters. Pin them in various directions and, if you like, you can add accessories like beads as well.

For those who want to make a grand statement, you will need significantly more flowers. Cluster bunches of flowers together so that they are easier to work with. If you try to attach each individual stem, it will be far too time consuming. Now, with wire mesh as your base, secure the various bouquets in place. Place each bouquet close to the next but don’t squash them together. Mist your flowers and, remember, they will not have any source of water so you need to assemble this design at the last possible moment. Before assembling this flower wall, you can keep each bunch of flowers in fresh water to ensure that they last as long as possible.