Seasonal flowers for year round decor

If you are not yet familiar with the term seasonal flowers, it’s much like seasonal fruit. These flowers will bloom during a particular time of year and then the plant will either die or become dormant. Nature also has a wonderful way of providing us with various beautiful blooms to suit each season so you never have to go a day without some kind of floral beauty. Yes, even in the winter months you can find certain flowers in bloom!

Different seasons around the world

One important point to keep in mind when it comes to seasonal flowers is that different types of plants will enter their growing phase in the south while, in the north, these plants will become dormant and vice versa. So, even if a particular flower is not in bloom in your area during a particular month, you might still be able to find them at your local florist if they are imported.

Global trading

Speaking of importing, this was once extremely difficult and costly due to the methods of transport available several decades ago. Today, we have some faster and more reliable methods of transport which help cut costs and ensure that the precious cargo reaches its destination without suffering any damage during the journey. Of course, costs are still higher than if flowers are cultivated locally, but when florists buy in bulk, these costs can be kept to a minimum.

Large scale cultivation

Some seasonal flowers have become so popular that they are now grown under controlled environments throughout the year. This means that your florist could even source some blooms locally even when they are not in season! Of course, these special cultivation methods are more costly than allowing plants to bloom according to their natural life cycle. Controlling the temperature for one thing will result in higher energy bills for the grower and this running cost needs to be recovered by increasing the price per stem. As mentioned above, when florists purchase larger quantities, they are able to keep the price as competitive as possible.

Online florists

Online florists play a big part in helping keep the costs of fresh flowers affordable. Not only do they have special sections on their websites dedicated to seasonal flowers, but they often offer special deals and discounts. When shopping online for flowers, even if you want to send blooms abroad, you can place your order with an online florist. In turn, they will relay this order to one of their local flower shops so that the order is fulfilled and delivered.

Remember, seasonal flowers are great for saving money. They also have an excellent vase life. Of course, there are some blooms, like roses and carnations, that are considered staples for any florist. For this reason, blooms are either imported or specially cultivated when not in season locally.