How to make paper with pressed flowers

Pressed flowers are extremely useful. One great way of putting your pressed flowers to good use is by making your own floral paper. You will need some special equipment but the good news is that the process is really quick and simple!

You will need:

  • Paper-making frame (known as a deckle)
  • Gift wrapping tissue paper (18” x 26”)
  • Pressed flowers and plant material of your choice
  • Tray (for draining)
  • Blender


  • Place the frame in your sink with room temp water. Add just enough water to reach the 1/3 mark on the frame.
  • Blend your tissue paper with about 3 cups of water to make a paper pulp.
  • Pour pulp into frame and even it out gently with your fingers.
  • Press your flowers into the paper. Not too hard but don’t just place them on the surface or they might just fall off.
  • Lift the frame very slowly and allow to drain as you lift evenly. Don’t tilt the frame.
  • If any flowers are too much on the surface, place back in the water and press them in a bit more so that they are nestled between the paper fibers.
  • Remove base of the frame and place on a tray
  • Remove your flower paper and set aside on a flat surface to dry.

Once you start making your own flower paper, you will be hooked! This fun and useful craft will give you yet another reason to collect plenty of flowers and other plant material throughout the year. The more you press, the more you will have to work with. Some flowers are not all that easy to press. If this is the case, remember that floral paper does not require full, perfect flowers. Even if your petals break or don’t have the perfect shape, you can still use them to make your own personalised paper. Don’t forget about leaves too! Like flowers, leaves are also great for pressing and adding to your flower paper design. In fact, if you want to create an autumn theme, multi-coloured leaves will be perfect!