Popular flowers around the world

Online florists are proving increasingly popular each year and, due to the nature of international trade, the flower export industry has also meant that consumers are able to enjoy a wide variety of fresh flowers than ever before.  As with all things in life, there are always favourites and flowers are no exception.  Of course, each culture and country has its own preferences due to historic events and cultural beliefs.  These are handy to be aware of particularly when sending an international flower delivery!

In 1994, a survey revealed that China’s most celebrated flower is the tree peony.  While China has not yet declared its official national flower, the tree peony is a hot contender along with the Chinese plum blossom.  The tree peony symbolizes value and nobility.  As for Japan, like China, they too have not yet declared their official national flower but many believe it to be the Cherry blossom due to the huge influence that can be noticed throughout films, clothing, art and even on their coins.

In Brazil, the begonia is high up on the list of favourites.  This flower thrives in tropical areas and is available in a variety of bright, warm colours.  They are indigenous to Central and South America as well as in Mexico, Asia and South Africa.  In 1777 they were introduced to the English market and became instantly popular.

Narcissus are popular all over the world but, in Germany, it is easily the most popular flower.  The flower was named after a Greek mythological character and there are several variations to the myth.  Despite the variations, they all depict the young Narcissus who became fixated upon his own reflection.  So much so that he drowned or, according to other stories, died of starvation.  In all of the Narcissus stories, it is said that a flower grew where he died.  Narcissus represents vanity in the west while, in the east, it symbolizes wealth.  According to Kurdish culture, it is this flower that marks the New Year.  This is the perfect example why you should take note of flower meanings when sending a bouquet to another country.

If you’re looking for the safest bet of all, one of the most popular types of blooms are roses, orchids and tulips.  Now, just because these flowers are considered favourable, it does not mean that you should buy the next bouquet of 12 red roses for your mother-in-law or a client.  Different colour roses have different meanings so, if you want to send a friendly message, opt for yellow roses instead.

If none of the above-mentioned popular flowers suit the occasion or the recipient for whatever reason, all hope is not lost.  Online florists are known for offering hampers, baskets and other gift items as well.  Just like a flower delivery, your online florist can take care of the gift delivery too.