Tips for successful flower arranging

While some might think that flower arranging is just about putting blooms in a vase, others understand just how much care needs to be taken when arranging each stem. Some flowers are hardy and easy to work with, while others are a bit more tricky.Here are some handy hacks to help you achieve the perfection you want.

Gerbera daisies are loved for their colours and size. That said, their stems are quite soft and this can result in premature wilting. You can prevent this by reinforcing the stem. Floral wire can be used to secure the stem and you can cover the wire with green floral tape.

Dracena leaves are a lovely addition to various flower arrangements. If you would like to use them in their curled state, you can staple them in place. Ruscus leaves are also lovely and they are easy to bend. You can insert floral wire in the back of the leaf so that you can bend it just the way you like.

When you wire a stem, you will need to trim the wire to size once it has been inserted into the stem. After the wire is cut, ensure that you push any remaining wire inside so that it’s completely concealed. If you need to tape any stems, make sure that you use green floral tape and keep the layer of tape as thin as possible. It’s also important to be patient when taping stems and don’t rush the process.

Gerbera daisies also tend to open up more than we really like. To prevent this from occurring, you can tape the back of the flower together using floral tape. This will help control how much the flower opens and it creates a firm boundary.

Ivy leaves are beautiful but they are difficult to work with. When you use them in a bouquet, you want to make the most of their flexibility. Do this by using short wires to secure the vines as and where needed. Secure the wires to your floral foam to hold it in place.

Sometimes, your flowers or foliage have thick stems. This can make it difficult to insert them in floral foam. Instead of forcing them, you can trim the end of the stem to a point. This pointed edge will help the stem slide in with much greater ease.