Wedding flowers for the November month

If you’re thinking of getting married during the month of November and are looking for the perfect wedding flowers for this special day, here are some great options. Remember, some of these flowers are perfect for height, others add bright colours to the room and there are those that are subtle but elegant.


Available in a wide variety of bold colours, from pink and purple to peach and burgundy. If you prefer, there are also white snapdragons. These are great wedding flowers are known to represent grace and strength. They are great for adding height and should be displayed at the back or centre of an arrangement.

Gerbera daisies

Available in several gorgeous seasonal colours, these flowers are quite large in size, making them suitable for many different uses. They can be used as group flowers in large arrangements, central flowers in smaller displays, and can even be added to the bride’s bouquet. They can be displayed alone or together with other wedding flowers.



These gorgeous white flowers have a delicious scent and short stems. Star-shaped, they are also known as Madagascar jasmine. They represent harmony in marriage and are often added to the bride’s bouquet to make it stand out from the rest of the wedding flowers.


These flowers are not only beautiful but also consist of large clusters. This means you will only need a few stems to create the desired effect. Hydrangeas are associated with understanding, passion and friendship. They also have a delicate aroma and you can display them alone or together with other wedding flowers.


These beauties come in many colours, including yellow, red, pink, purple, and blue. Some have a delicious sweet aroma, while others don’t have much of a smell. They are known to symbolize faith, hope and royalty. They are perfect wedding flowers for both bouquets and centrepieces.


Also known as daffodils, these brightly coloured flowers symbolize luck and wealth, two things every couple could definitely use! The long stem makes this flower perfect for centrepieces and can be accompanied by other wedding flowers such as sweet peas, lilies and ranunculus, to name a few.


When shopping for wedding flowers for your November nuptials, you’ll notice that there are more flowers in stock. Flowers like orchids and roses may not be in season, but they are so popular that many florists around the world keep them in stock year-round.