October wedding flowers you will love

October is here and it is a popular season for brides all over the world. Mild temperatures make wearing a suit or dress much more bearable. Not to mention all the amazing colour changes nature has to offer! If you’re getting married in October, here are some gorgeous floral tips for your big day to help you choose the best October wedding flowers.

Rich colours

Start by taking a look outside. Take note of any colours you see, such as rich shades of red, orange, and brown. You may notice the dark green leaves of evergreen trees and plants, as well as a few pops of purple here and there. When choosing October wedding flowers for your big day, it’s great to keep in mind the season and which flowers are in season.

Multi-colour designs

Remember, we are long past the days of choosing just one colour for our weddings. There’s no need to limit yourself to just one colour when it comes to your bridesmaids’ dresses, October wedding flowers, and decorations. Nowadays, variety is welcome, and if you want, you can choose a different coloured dress for each of your bridesmaids. Just make sure the style of the dresses are the same so they look good.

Popular varieties

During this month, some of the October wedding flowers you are likely to find at your local florist include: alstromeria, calla lilies, freesia, delphiniums, gerberas, lilies, magnolias and various orchids. Even though they aren’t technically in season, roses are always available year-round. Of course, if you are looking for a particular colour or type of rose, you may need to ask your florist to special order it.

Colour contrasts

The perfect floral arrangement is about creating the perfect balance of colour and texture. The contrasting colours and textures are ideal for any October wedding setup. For example, you can combine some dark red (almost purple) roses with some orange calla lilies, off-white orchids (or another flower of your choice), and fall foliage. The darker tones of the roses allow the calla lilies to really stand out, while the lighter tone of the orchids helps break up the overall darkness and give the bouquet a more cheerful look. You’ll also notice the contrast in texture between the roses and lilies. Roses have many overlapping petals, while calla lilies have a single modified petal with a very smooth appearance.

Seasonal accessories

Feel free to add other accessories like twigs (painted or left as is), berries, and even pine cones and other fall accessories. If the bride wants to honour the memory of a loved one while she is touring the island, she can attach one of that person’s personal effects to the bouquet. For example, if you lost your father and have a ring or other item of his, you can attach it to the bouquet with a silk ribbon.

Last but not least, don’t forget to have your florist deliver the day or evening before if you are planning an early morning October wedding. The entire bouquet in your hands should be held in water until you are ready to go to church and you should hold it in water at the reception until you are ready to throw the bouquet.