Flowers for men – create a masterpiece

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to bouquets is that they are strictly for female recipients. This could not be further from the truth. There are some amazing flowers for men if you know where to look. In addition, all you need to do is learn how to arrange these blooms so that they reflect his masculinity or even some aspects of his personality. If you are not sure where to begin, why not try this easy flower truck design? It’s perfect for all men and especially those who fancy cars.

What you need:

– A model truck with an open back (to hold the flowers)

– Floral foam and plastic tray that will fit inside the back of the truck

– Bright blooms of your choice

– Floral food

– A sharp pair of scissors


  • When creating a bouquet for a woman, you will most likely use a vase, bucket, watering can or something along these line. When if comes to flowers for men, you should use something a bit more masculine, like a model truck. The open back is where you will add your design so make sure it is large enough to hold at least a few blooms.

  • Next, you will need to choose some floral foam along with a plastic tray that will fit inside the back of the truck. This is important because you do not want any water from the floral foam to wet the model truck. It can damage the truck and it may even leak onto the table below.

  • Once you have secured the plastic tray inside the truck, make sure that your floral foam is the right size. You might need to trim it here and there.

  • Dissolve the flower food in some fresh water before allowing your floral foam to soak it up. Do not oversoak the foam since it will become very soggy and it can break up.

  • Place the floral foam on the tray and start preparing your flowers.

  • When it comes to choosing flowers for men, you want to use bright colours only. Pastels are considered feminine so you should look for stronger shades of red, yellow, orange, blue and, yes, you can add some white too.

  • As for the best types of flowers to use, you can add just about anything including roses, carnations and daisies. For this design, you should avoid blooms that are too large, like lilies.

  • You should prepare your stems by removing the lower leaves and trimming them at an angle. If you are not sure about the best length for the stems, use a kebab stick and insert it into the floral foam. Make a mark on the stick where the stem should end and the flower head begins. Use this stick to measure all of your stems and make it easy to keep them at the same length.

  • Start by adding blooms around the outer rim of the design. Alternate between your white carnations and yellow roses, for example. Once you have done so, you can move on to the next layer. You can leave some spaces in between and fill them with smaller daisies, asters and perhaps some finer foliage too.

  • You want to give the design a rounded look at the top so this is why you need to turn your design regularly to make sure that it is even from every angle.

  • Inspect your design and make sure that there are no large gaps. If you spot any, you can either add some foliage or filler flowers like daisies so that your floral foam is not visible.

As you can see, it’s really easy to create the perfect masculine design with flowers for men. This is the kind of bouquet that he will have no trouble displaying at work since it will not be considered feminine or out of place. It is also an excellent gift for all occasions.