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Rose bouquet care and how to remove guard petals

When you order a rose bouquet online or from your favourite local flower shop, you might notice that they are still in bud form. Roses are not like other types of flowers in that they will need some help to encourage them to open up. Here’s what you need to know about guard petals and […]

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Gerbera daisy care tips to help them last

Daisies are beautiful blooms that are perfect for brightening up even the darkest of days. When you order a gerbera daisy bouquet, you want to take proper care of these cut stems . With the right care, you can enjoy your perfect arrangement for that much longer. Not only will they bring you so much […]

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Fresh flower advice – how to transport blooms in winter

When you purchase a fresh flower bouquet, it is important to remember some essential guidelines in terms of proper transportation. While cut flowers can be quite resilient, they do need a certain amount of care in order to ensure that the blooms are not damaged as you make your way to surprise somebody special. Here […]

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Flower shopping tips to get the best value for money

Fresh blooms can be more affordable than many people realise. The key is to know how to choose the right blooms in order to ensure that you get the most value for money. Here are some essential flower shopping tips to keep in mind. They are especially handy with the holidays just around the corner. […]

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Short-stemmed flower display ideas

When you order a bouquet of fresh flowers, one or two stems might be damaged. There is no need to throw these pretty blooms away. You can make a wonderful short-stemmed flower display and set it in a small space like your bathroom. If you pick flowers from your garden, you can also pluck some […]

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Keep your silk flowers looking beautiful

Many people are under the impression that silk flowers do not require any special care. While fresh flowers need to be trimmed, have their water changed, and wilted stems removed, silk flowers do not require as much attention. That said, they do require some care from time to time in order to stay as beautiful […]

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Make your proposal one to remember

When you search the web, you are bound to find dozens of amazing and elaborate wedding proposals recorded for all the world to see. Of course, not everyone has the ability or resources to make some of these kinds of proposals happen. Now, before you let that feeling of disappointment set in, it’s important to […]

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How to recycle your Christmas tree

If you choose a fresh Christmas tree this holiday season, you might not know what to do with them once the holidays are over. Fortunately, there are a number of great uses for your old tree and you don’t have to feel guilty about simply discarding the tree. Make mulch If you have a wood […]

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