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Spring allergy advice to help you prepare

If you suffer from allergies, the spring season might not be your favourite time of year. The good news is that you can take certain measures to avoid the onset of your usual spring allergy or at least ensure that it doesn’t affect you quite as severely. Limit your exposure For the most part, your […]

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Potted plant care when you’re on holiday

If you are planning on going away on holiday, it’s important to make sure that your plants are taken care of. This means that they will need to be watered regularly or they will dehydrate and perish. Here are some important tips to keep in mind before you make a potted plant care plan. Check […]

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Christmas tree recycling after the holidays

Once the holidays are over, it’s time to take down your Christmas tree. What many people struggle with is deciding what they should do with it now that they can no longer display it in their home. Rather than simply throwing it away, here are some great recycling ideas. Mulch for your garden If you […]

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Gift hamper etiquette and advice

With the holidays just around the corner, many people are wondering what types of gifts to buy for their friends and loved ones. A gift hamper can be an amazing gift for so many reasons. Of course, if you choose this type of gift, it is important to make sure that you practice proper etiquette. […]

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Rose bouquet care and how to remove guard petals

When you order a rose bouquet online or from your favourite local flower shop, you might notice that they are still in bud form. Roses are not like other types of flowers in that they will need some help to encourage them to open up. Here’s what you need to know about guard petals and […]

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Prepare for spring allergies

As the spring season approaches, it can trigger mild to serious allergies for many. Fortunately, Allergies do not need to ruin your day or the beauty of spring. When everything is in bloom, you can take the following precautions to keep allergies at bay. Limted exposure While there are more allergens in the air, you […]

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Why are Carnations suitable for Mother’s Day?

Carnations are popular Mother’s Day flowers in several countries around the world. While some like to send less traditional gifts, many people enjoy the idea of sending something familiar each year. If you aren’t sure about the best flowers to send for Mother’s Day, here are some interesting facts about carnations and why they are […]

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Easter blooms your friends and family will love

Spoil your loved ones this year with beautiful Easter blooms that they will adore. If you don’t know which flowers are best for this occasion and time of year, here are some excellent ideas. You can choose a single type of flower or you could mix it up. Azaleas These are popular gifts for Easter. […]

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