How To Make Your Own Rose Petal Wine

Surely you have received a fresh flower delivery or purchased a bunch of flowers from your local florist at least once.  Perhaps you were lucky enough to receive an arrangement that included one of the most popular of all cut flowers – the rose.  Roses are the kind of flowers that everyone is familiar with and they are the perfect flowers to send for any occasion.  The only thing you need to change, depending on the occasion, is the colour of the arrangement.  Roses are also very well-known for their potent perfume and their sweet flavour means that they have even more uses than many other flowers.  If you have already tried and love rose petal jam, then you simply have to try this rose petal wine recipe!

Rose Petal Wine

You will need:

– 8 quarts red rose petals

– Water

– 5 to 8lbs sugar

– 2 fresh lemons (washed and dried)

– 1/2 an ounce powdered yeast

– 4 clean eggshells


–         Cut off the white portions at the bottom of each petal

–         Put the petals in a bowl in the sink and let cold water run over them for 10 minutes

–         Drain the water away and put the petals in a 3 gallon enamel pot

–         Add 2 gallons of water to another pot

–         Turn the stone on and heat the pot of water

–         Add sugar to the water and stir until it has completely dissolved

–         When the water starts to boil, carefully pour it over the rose petals

–         Peel the lemons and set the rinds aside

–         Add the rinds to the rose petals and water

–         Squeeze the lemon juice over the petals and discard the rest

–         Let the mixture cool down to room temperature

–         Dissolve the yeast in half a cup of warm water

–         Add the yeast to the rose petal and water mixture and stir

–         Fermentation usually starts after 2 days.  At this point, stir once a day

–         Once fermentation has completed, strain the wine into bottles

–         Make sure that you squeeze all the wine out of the rose petals too

–         Depending on the size of the bottles, containers or jars you use, you need to add different amounts of eggshells to help clear the wine

–         A 1 gallon jar needs about 2 eggshells

–         Seal the bottles, jars or containers very well-known

–         Let the wine stand undisturbed for two to three weeks

–         Hereafter, transfer your wine to clean bottles or jars

–         The best method for transferring the wine is by siphoning so that the residue remains undisturbed and left behind along with the eggshells


Additional notes:

*** Add as much sugar as you prefer.  Add more if you want to create a sweeter wine ***

*** Make sure that you add at least 4 pounds of sugar to ensure proper fermentation ***


Now, all that’s left for you to do is to make a special meal, set the table with some candles and fresh flowers and enjoy your very own home made rose petal wine!