Vintage vase ideas

When you want to create the perfect vintage flower arrangement, it’s not only about selecting the right flowers. In fact, you are better off choosing the right vase and then making your flower selection based on the style, size, and colour of the vase.

Ceramic vases are a good place to start. They are available in various sizes and shapes. You can also find some with lovely Victorian designs. When it comes to colours, you should look for pastel shades like blues, greens, and off white. Some antique style vases even have gold plated details. Remember to consider the colours and style of the room when choosing your vase.

If you are not sure where to hunt for the perfect vintage vase, try your local second hand shop. Many people take various items to such stores to get rid of them and, what one person may no longer need, could be the perfect fit for your home! There is no need for an absolutely authentic and priceless vase. The key is to create the effect.

For those who prefer colourless options, crystal vases are perfect! Crystal vases with plenty of small details are great for any vintage flower display. The best part of all is that they will suit flowers of all colours and they will look great in any room. It’s much like white ceramic vases that tend to look beautiful no matter where they are displayed.

Remember to opt for pastel colours when it comes to flowers. If your vase is blue, you will love the way it looks when paired with pale pink and white flowers. If your vase is white or off white, you will also enjoy the way pink and cream coloured flowers look. Roses are particular favourites. The garden variety are superb since they open up beautifully and show off lovely large blooms.