Christmas arrangements with fewer flowers

When you think about the Christmas season and décor, you most likely imagine a fair bit of greenery. Green is one of the main colours associated with this season since you most likely have a green Christmas tree and other green decorations throughout your home and at work too. When you want to make the perfect Christmas arrangement but you don’t want to spend a fortune on bunches and bunches of flowers, you will be happy to know that flower arranging can be done with just a few flowers and some foliage.

The first thing to remember is that we all know the smell of Christmas all too well. When Christmas season sets in and you remove all those decorations from their boxes, you are most likely met by the familiar scent of tinsel. If you buy a fresh tree every year, then you may also associate this time of year with the scent of your tree. Of course, if you prefer the idea of an artificial tree but you still want the smell of a real one, you could always add some branches to your flower arrangements or wreaths. The thinner, more flexible branches are great and often used in all sorts of Christmas flower displays.

For something particularly simple, you can pair some pine and cypress with branches covered with red berries. Pop in a few white or red flowers here and there and you’re all set! You can arrange these stems in a vase or floral foam and you can even add festive accessories if you like. Take a look through your Christmas decorations collection and you are bound to find something that you and stick on a pick to add to your display.

If you want to make table decorations to impress your guests, you need not buy too many flowers. Simply buy some clear glass bowls and add large flowers like lilies or orchids. Place the flowers under the water and they will be magnified. If you find that they float to the top, you can use some fishing line and a small weight to hold them down. Just be sure to cover the base of the bowl to conceal the weights. You can do this by using vase fillers like marbles.

Potted plants like poinsettias are always a big hit around this time of year and they can be used around the Christmas tree, on coffee tables and even on your dinner table. You can use one or display a cluster of these beauties – depending on your needs. Alternatively the Christmas cactus is another fitting option. Both the Christmas cactus and the poinsettia make fantastic gifts for this time of year and they will certainly bring holiday cheer into any home.