Summer flowers for a French countryside theme

When you want to impress your guests or simply make your home an even better place to spend your free time, then fresh flowers are just what you need. The French country is beautiful all year round, but even more so in the summer. So why not add some of this French flavour to your kitchen with beautiful summer flowers?


Colour and texture

It’s all about rich colours and lots of texture. So think colours like red, yellow, purple, and a healthy dose of green. The right amount of foliage can make all the difference in helping your summer flowers stand out even more. For the country theme, make sure you choose the right container for your arrangement. Baskets are ideal but, remember, they are not waterproof. This means you have a couple of options. First of all, you can put a suitable pot or waterproof container inside the basket. This will keep the water and your flowers out. It has to fit in the vase and shouldn’t be too high. Another option is to use floral foam. The floral foam will soak up water, which means you should place a waterproof tray inside the basket to prevent the wet foam from damaging the basket.


Get some grapes

For an extra twist, you can add some red grapes to the composition. If you are concerned about the effect fruit has on fresh summer flowers, you can always opt for artificial grapes. So you can also reuse them whenever you want to make one of these colourful arrangements.


Add accessories

Another idea, if you don’t want to mix too many colours, is to display large yellow flowers such as sunflowers in a small picnic basket with the lid open. Add some grapes and maybe some small French baguettes. Naturally, if you intend to eat the baguettes, you will have to protect them and place them in a special container inside the basket so that they do not get wet. A small bottle of wine will also make a great addition to the display of summer flowers and add to the theme.

With all of these practical and easy ideas in mind, you too will be able to display gorgeous summer flowers in your kitchen while creating the ultimate French countryside theme. Some elements can be artificial while others are best fresh (like your blooms) for that truly authentic design.