21st wedding anniversary blooms

21 is a special number for many people. When you celebrate your 21st birthday, it is a major milestone. So too is your 21st anniversary. Which is why you need the best wedding anniversary blooms and gifts for this occasion!

Amazing anniversary flowers

Unlike many other years of marriage, there is no official type of flower associated with this anniversary. Which is why you can send just about any type of wedding anniversary blooms this year. For some, this might feel great since you have more flexibility but, for others, they might feel a bit lost since there are so many options. The key is to find a unique bouquet that is unlike any other that you have sent before. You can also use the traditional and modern gifts as your inspiration or even the colour for this year to help you choose a colour scheme.

A traditional or modern twist

The traditional gift for this year is brass while the modern gift is nickel. For the most part, the best traditional or modern gift in this case would be something stylish and ornamental. Something that your spouse will enjoy and you could possibly choose a decorative item that reflects their hobby, personality or profession.

Colourful inspiration

Colour is another great way of keeping your gifts exciting and different each year. Since there is no official flower for this year, you can use the colour of this year to help you select the best wedding anniversary blooms for your spouse. The colour for your 21st year of marriage is orange. This is excellent news since there are so many amazing blooms available in this colour! So, you can even choose your spouse’s favourite flowers and just make sure that they are orange. This way, you are showing them that you care enough to buy their favourites and you are adding a touch of tradition at the same time.

Never underestimate the power of the perfect wedding anniversary blooms! The right bouquet with a special message attached can prove to be all your spouse needs to let them know how much you love them. If you like, you can even add something like luxury chocolates, champagne or a bright balloon to your flower order.