Christmas tree recycling after the holidays

Once the holidays are over, it’s time to take down your Christmas tree. What many people struggle with is deciding what they should do with it now that they can no longer display it in their home. Rather than simply throwing it away, here are some great recycling ideas.

Mulch for your garden

If you have a wood shredder or your neighbour has one, you can use it to chop up your Christmas tree and transform it into mulch. Mulch is great for your garden and even for potted plants. It helps retain moisture and adds nutrients to the soil.

Compost heap

If you have already mulched your garden, you can still use your chopped up Christmas tree to nourish your garden. Simply add the chopped up pieces to your compost heap and let nature take its course. As and when needed, you can use this compost in your garden to replenish the soil of various nutrients and minerals.

Potpourri pine needles

The pine needles on your pine Christmas tree will eventually dry out. You can pluck a good amount of them from the branches of your tree and use them to create your own potpourri. Add some pine essential oil to them and keep that sweet smell in your home that much longer.

Protection for other plants

Smaller plants in your garden could use some extra protection during the winter months. You can cut branches off your Christmas tree and use them to create a kind of tripod above these plants. Cover the tripod with a protective material to shield them from the elements.

With all of these uses around your garden and home, there really is no need to throw away your Christmas tree. If you do not have a garden or feel like you do not have any use for your tree after the holidays, make sure that you ask your friends and neighbours if they would like to take it rather than simply discarding it.