Top 5 reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday which takes place every year on the 14th February. It is celebrated in many countries around the world although for most of them it remains a working day. It is the second most celebrated holiday in the calendar year behind New Year’s Day.

The first time we know of Valentine’s Day is in the High Middle Ages in the days Geoffrey Chaucer was around. By the 15th Century it had evolved into an occasion when people would show their love by presenting partners with flowers. Since the 19th Century handwritten greeting cards have given way to mass-produced greeting cards. Below are some of the top reasons why Valentine’s Day should be celebrated.

  1. The best reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day is because it is a tradition where people show the people they love how much they mean to them.
  1. Love often gives people a new sense of creativity. People generally make a love letter, poem or handmade card on Valentine’s Day.
  1. Valentine’s Day is a day to pamper yourself and your partner. Book the honeymoon suite in a five star hotel; visit the spa together to have a relaxing time. By each other many gifts to show how much you love one another.
  1. Valentine’s Day isn’t just to show your romantic partners how much you love them. You can also show your family and friends how much you care for them too. Why not send them cards and a bouquet of flowers to show your love.
  1. One of the most popular options many couples do over Valentine’s Day, especially if Valentine’s Day is over the weekend, is take a romantic break together. Arguably the love capital of the world is Paris and many couples descend there over Valentine’s Day or people might prefer the romantic language of Italy.

Whatever you plan to do this Valentines Day make sure you celebrate properly and for the right reasons.