Christmas plant choices and fun facts

Whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas plant for your home or a thoughtful seasonal gift, it’s always helpful when you know all the facts. Here are some of the most popular plants used to decorate homes over the holidays and interesting facts you may not know.


This sub-tropical Christmas plant is native to Mexico and, while red varieties are most popular, they are also available in white. White poinsettias are believed to represent the purity of Christ while red ones symbolise the blood of Christ. As for their shape, this is associated with the Star of Bethlehem.


Yet another top choice for decorating homes during this time of year, one interesting fact about this Christmas plant is that it is extremely hardy. So much so that the Romans would gift this plant to newly weds to wish them good luck.


This Christmas plant is, in fact, parasitic in nature yet there are still songs and traditions associated with it. Kissing beneath the mistletoe is one that you may already know. You might not be aware of the belief that this plant can be hung above a baby’s crib to ward off evil spirits. It is also placed under the pillow of a young girl so that she may dream of her future husband.


This gorgeous Christmas plant is perfect for making garlands and wreaths. The flexible nature of its stems make it really easy to work with too. In addition, it is believed to ward off bad luck and evil spirits which is certainly a good reason to add this plant to your festive d├ęcor.

Christmas trees

Probably the most prominent Christmas plant in any home is the tree. Trees don’t necessarily need to be large in order to have the right effect. For instance, if you live in a small home, you can set a small potted tree on a table and decorate it. Christmas trees were first introduced as holiday decorations in the 16th century and they are a symbol of hope and optimism.

Christmas cactus

This is a lovely Christmas plant to send to loved ones. It can be enjoyed indoors during the holidays and placed outdoors in the summer. The flowers that this plant produces are simply incredible and they will brighten any room.

Remember, when you want to order or send a Christmas plant, it’s important to place your order in advance and arrange for the delivery early. Avoid selecting a delivery date too close to Christmas since couriers tend to get very busy around this time of year. The plant can be delivered several days before Christmas. This way you can rest easy knowing that your gift has arrived.