Storing a flower bouquet in the winter

When you plan to send flowers during the colder months of the year, you might be concerned about keeping them looking great despite the weather. Extreme conditions can cause flowers to wilt and die sooner than they should. The last thing you want is to present your friend or loved one with less than perfect flowers.


When you send fresh flowers, you will need to select a flower delivery date with your florist. The date you agree upon will depend on your needs as well as the florist’s availability. If you wish to have the florist make the delivery on your behalf and the recipient’s birthday (or other occasion) is on a weekday, then you’re in luck! Alternatively, if you have the bouquet delivered to you, you won’t need to store it overnight which is an added bonus.
However, special occasions often fall on weekends and there are days (like Christmas) when florists are not able to make deliveries. This means that you will need to get your flower order in early and have them delivered in advance. Once your flowers arrive, you will need to store them in the right conditions in order to ensure that they remain fresh and perfect until they are delivered the following day.


The first thing to remember is that your home will most likely be quite warm. We all love keeping comfortably warm in the winter but, unfortunately, most flowers prefer slightly cooler conditions. So, store them in the coolest part of your home. That said, you should not store them in the garage or anywhere that does not have some direct or indirect source of heat.


Make sure that you place the flowers in fresh clean water as soon as they arrive and add some flower food to ensure best results. If you like, you can trim the stems so that the recipient won’t need to. Plus, you will ensure that each stem will be able to absorb as much water and nutrients as possible but cutting the stems at an angle.


Do not place the bouquet near any sources of heat or windows. Even if the flowers don’t touch the windows, the air is naturally cooler in this area and it can affect the bouquet. If you are trying to surprise your spouse or somebody living with you, you might be tempted to leave the flowers inside your car. This is definitely not a good idea since the temperatures inside your car will be much the same as those outside and the flowers could freeze if it’s cold enough.