Care tips for tropical or exotic flowers

If you have seen your fair share of Roses and Carnations, then you will enjoy a welcomed change by ordering tropical or exotic flowers to brighten your day.  The rich, thrilling colours make nothing less than a bold statement in your home and such a bouquet is sure to be an interesting conversation piece.  If, perhaps, you are planning an event like a fun pool part and you are in need of some appropriate decorations, then tropical colours can really bring out that summer theme.  A popular idea during the warm months is hosting a party with a Hawaiian theme.  When placing your flower order, your florist will know just how to put such arrangements together to suit the theme.


If you have the time to arrange the flowers and foliage yourself then you should understand that exotic flowers require a bit more care than regular flowers.  Tropical or exotic flowers are grown under the kind of conditions that they most likely will not get to enjoy when entering your home.  It is, therefore, your responsibility to make sure that they receive the special treatment they need and are not exposed to less than favourable conditions.


Once you have received your exotic flower delivery, you need to unpack them immediately.  You should not leave them too long without water.  Trim between half and inch to a full inch off each stem and make sure that you do so with a sharp pair of scissors or knife.  Be careful not to crush the stems and cut at an angle in order to maximize water absorption.


Once you have trimmed each stem, you should place them in clean, room temperature water immediately.  Flowers like Anthuriums, Dendrobium and Oncidium Orchid Sprays should have their stems placed in cool water for 10 – 15 minutes.  Other tropical flowers require different forms of care.  Ginger, for instance, should have the stems and flowers placed in cool water for 10 – 15 minutes.


Whether you intend on arranging your flowers immediately or not, you should ensure that these flowers are kept in ideal conditions no matter what.  All cut flowers must be kept away from direct sunlight and this rule applies to tropical and exotic flowers as well.  Where some flowers wouldn’t mind a chilly, gently air conditioned room, tropical or exotic flowers do not necessarily enjoy such conditions.  Play it safe by keeping them out of the sun, away from drafts and air conditioners.  Ask your florist about any additional care instructions since each flower has its own preferences.


Many tropical or exotic flowers also enjoy gentle and occasional misting.  Orchid Sprays, however, do not enjoy misting so make sure that your flowers will enjoy this before you grab the water.  All of the flowers and greenery will need to be trimmed once or twice per week and the water should be changed every day.


While tropical or exotic flower arrangements need a great deal more care than your average bouquet of Roses or Carnations, their showy display is certainly worth it.  If you follow the specific care instructions, these flowers can also last a fairly long time and you will really get your money’s worth out of every petal.