How to make a crepe paper rose bouquet

Fresh roses, silk roses, and paper roses all have their benefits. If you’re looking for flowers that last and a fun flower craft to enjoy with the whole family, here’s a great instructional on how to make crepe paper roses.

You will need:

  • Streamers
  • Newspaper for the stems or you can use wire if preferred
  • Glue
  • Thread
  • Scissors


  • Make the stem by rolling a strip of newspaper into a long stick and glue to loose end down trim the flimsy end off the stem and cut a square of green crepe paper to wrap around the tip.
  • Use thread to secure the green paper to the stem. Wrap it around several times and knot to secure in place.
  • To make each flower you will need a piece of streamer 50 inches in length.
  • Trim each end to make sure that they are straight. Now trim one end at an angle of about 45 degrees to create a pointed tip.
  • Take the straight end and wrap it tightly around the green tip on the stem. Make sure that the height of the streamer only slightly exceeds that of the green flower centre.
  • Use one hand to hold the streamer in place as you gently rotate the stem in order to wrap four or five layers of crepe paper around the stem. These layers should be tightly wrapped one on top of the other.
  • Continue wrapping more layers around. This time, when you create a new layer, move slightly down the stem. Wrap these layers more loosely and hold the base firmly as you do. This will give your rose a more natural appearance and it will also prevent the paper petals from clumping together. Your flower will have a fuller effect in the end.
  • You will need to fold the paper slightly around the base since the circumfrence around the base is much smaller than that of the top of the flower. To prevent large clumps, fold smaller portions every few millimeters.
  • Use your fingers to gently fluff the petals out as you work so that they don’t become too tightly bunched together.
  • When you reach the end, you will need to fold the pointed end of the streamer so that it points down to the end of the stem and then tuck it in to the base of the flower.
  • Use thread to secure the flower in place and tie several knots to prevent it from falling apart.
  • Use a green streamer for the stem. Take one end and make a fold approximately half a centimeter in size. Fold the paper over another three times before cutting a zigzag shape on the one side and unravel.
  • Place some glue on the top tip of the zigzag side and stick it to the base of your rose. The zigzag pattern would have created a few green petal-like structures that are found around the base of any rose. As you wrap the streamer around the base of the flower, these green strips will create the perfect base before you continue wrapping around the stem.
  • You can then fluff out your flower and perfect any other parts of the flower as necessary.
  • Use any colours you like and make as many roses as you want!