How to create a caramel themed arrangement

When you think about flowers, fresh flowers, and florist flowers, your mind will usually instantly conjure up images of your favourite flowers in the most beautiful colours. Red, orange, yellow, pink, and purple are just some of the most popular flower colours out there. They can stand alone as a single colour scheme or they can be grouped together with similar or contrasting colours.

One colour that you might not instantly think of when imagining an elegant bouquet is caramel. Caramel is more than just a sweet treat. It is also an incredible welcoming and elegant colour that is so often overlooked.

To make your own caramel style arrangement, you won’t need anything out of the ordinary. Simply source some appropriate vases or vessels like those made from lighter shades of wood, glazed ceramics, or even amber-coloured or brown glassware. Ceramic vessels are often used for earthy arrangements or country style bouquets. Glazed pottery has that shine which makes it easy to associate with caramel. This is why the glazed variety is ideal for these flower arrangements.

As for the flowers, you can use cymbidium orchids or even calla lilies. Remember, these flowers are both available in various colours and both of them have colour options that resemble caramel! Whether it’s the entire flower or only the finer details that have that touch of caramel, this will depend on the type of flowers you use. The cymbidium orchid has a distinct caramel centre with pale petals that help create contrast and balance. The slight pink tones of the callas also give the arrangement wonderful warmth. The caramel tones of both flowers are brought out by placing them in the perfect vessel!

Leandra roses are also ideal for highlighting the caramel theme while Banksias, and Leucadendrons add colour contrast as well as that exotic touch. As for foliage, these arrangements will benefit from the combination of browns and dark shades of green. Magnolia foliage is the perfect solution since it offers the best of both worlds! It also has an appealing texture which is an added bonus.

Remember to keep your arrangement simple and feel free to place other caramel coloured decorative items nearby the vase to help underline this colour scheme.