Planning a virtual birthday party

Given the current circumstances that we all face, hosting any kind of party is unfortunately out of the question. However, since so many of us are of the sentimental variety, you might like to host a virtual birthday party to let them know that you care. Wondering just how you can do this? Well, here are some ideas.

Surprise or not?

The first thing you need to decide is whether or not this will be a surprise event. If you want to surprise your friend or loved one, then you will need to secretly plan everything with somebody else in the house. You can plan along with the birthday girl or boy, but let’s face it, a surprise is always more fun.

Set a time

Once you have settled on the first point, you need to set a time for your virtual birthday party to begin. For a surprise party, you most likely will arrange something in the morning so that you can ‘catch’ them as soon as they wake up. Discuss the best plan and time with your co-conspirator to settle on a time.

Choose a menu

You want to try to enjoy the same food together – much like going out to a restaurant. So, you will need to think of a meal that you can both make and everyone will enjoy. If you are able to have food delivered, this is also an option with considering.

Setting up

To create that party atmosphere for your virtual birthday party, you need to do everything possible to create the same or at least a similar look on either side of the camera. In other words, you want to have balloons, flowers, banners and decorations in your room as well as in their room. By using the same décor in both your homes, you will create a real birthday vibe.

Ordering decorations

Even if you are not able to get to the shop, now is the best time to make the most of online flower deliveries. Order a bouquet for yourself along with a birthday balloon. Send an identical bouquet and balloon to your loved one. You can use crepe paper to make streamers and perhaps you can find some colourful balloons somewhere tucked away in a cupboard you hardly open. Another great idea is to have birthday cakes delivered along with your flowers. This will be the cherry on the top of any virtual birthday party!

Don’t forget the card!

Finally, before you complete your flower, balloon and birthday cake order, don’t forget to complete the message card that will be included by your florist. In this card, you can write a personal and meaningful message.

More than anything, make the most of your time online with your friends and loved ones. While a virtual birthday party might not seem ideal, it is better than going the entire day without really celebrating such an important occasion and it will lift everyone’s spirits.