Congratulations flowers for all occasions

Throughout our lives, we experience a number of occasions worth celebrating. Our friends and loved ones also enjoy various milestones and achievements. If you want to send congratulations flowers to a friend or loved one, here are some things to remember when choosing flowers for various occasions.


Graduating high school, university or obtaining any kind of qualification is certainly worth popping the cork on some bubbly. Bright-coloured flowers are perfect for younger recipients and they are wonderful for expressing immense joy. Some examples of flowers that you can send to such a recipient on this occasion include germinis, roses and lilies. The bright colours are what you are after and the bouquet should be the picture of joy.

New job or promotion

Starting a new job or taking on a new position at your current place of work can be exciting as well as a little bit scary. To keep those nerves at bay, a soothing floral display is just what they need. Choose calming colours and pastels to help ease the mind. Alternatively, you can present them with a hardy plant to display in their new office. Whenever in doubt, remember that succulents and cacti are the easiest to care for. They do not require frequent care and they will not outgrow their pot anytime soon.

New baby

The arrival of a new baby is always worth celebrating. When choosing flowers to congratulate the parents and welcome the new arrival, you have plenty of options. For the most part, when a baby girl is born, pink flowers are chosen while blue bouquets are the top choice for baby boys. Of course, a bright and colourful mixed bouquet is also an excellent option if you want something less traditional.

First home

Buying or renting your first home is quite an accomplishment. Many people host house warming parties to show their new place to all their friends and family. It is customary to arrive with a gift or congratulations flowers. Again, just like a new job, potted plants are popular gifts for this occasion.

It’s these happy occasions that make our lives happy and they give us a sense of fulfilment. Celebrate these moments with beautiful flowers to make the occasion that much more special for everyone.