Celebrating with a floral photo shoot

Fresh flower deliveries are popular for many occasions. We send flowers to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and many other happy moments that occur throughout the year. Flowers are also used to decorate events like weddings and they are becoming increasingly popular among photographers too.


Photographers are looking for ways of adding extra colour and texture to bring their photos to life. Brightly coloured blooms can offer all this and more! Just imagine all those gorgeous black and white portraits with just a single colourful flower to catch the eye. Full colour photos can also look stunning with the enhanced beauty of a fresh flower, a bouquet, or even loosely scattered petals. The type of flowers and the way they are used will depend on the subject or subjects of the photo as well as the theme of the photo shoot itself.


When celebrating their engagement, many couples like to hire a professional photographer to snap some shots for them to share with their family and friends. These photos are not necessarily as formal as wedding photos and fresh flowers can be worn in the hair or a hand tied bouquet could do the trick.


As previously mentioned, wedding photos tend to take on a more formal tone and the bride’s bouquet will often feature in many of the pictures. That said, while the bridal party is preparing for the ceremony, the room can be decorated even more with some table arrangements and even some petals scattered on the bed.


When expecting a baby, couples love to capture the moments just before their new addition makes his or her grand entry into this world. Decorating mum’s belly with flowers can make this experience particularly fun. Alternatively, for an outdoor shoot, mum might feel comfortable with a sheet draped over her to show off the belly while her hair flows naturally and is decorated with some small flowers. Pick some wildflowers from a nearby field and take some photos of her in this field for naturally beautiful results.


Once the little one arrives, it’s picture time! One large sunflower placed beside dear baby’s head will offer that brilliant touch of colour. You can even place a small flower in baby’s hand and take some close up pictures of those perfect little fingers!


Flowers can be used in so many ways to make your photos naturally more beautiful. It’s all about choosing the right kinds of flowers for the occasion and, remember to always be careful of thorns on rose stems as well as excessive amounts of pollen if you have allergies. If this is a concern, you might like to invest in a few high quality silk flowers. They will cost a bit more but they can be used over and over again!