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Holiday wreath design step by step

Wreaths are a popular floral design that can be used various areas of your home – both inside and out. They are perfect for hanging on doors and walls but they can also be set on tables as centrepieces. If you are feeling creative and you would like to make your very own holiday wreath, […]

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August birthday flower arrangements

August is the final month of the spring season so, if you know somebody who is celebrating their birthday, you want to make the most of it. During this time of year, you are sure to find plenty of fantastic August birthday flower bouquets at your local florist. If you are not sure what types […]

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Amaryllis flower growing tips

The amaryllis flower is a sight to behold with its striking colours and superb petals. They are grown from bulbs since the seeds can take years to grow. They bloom in the spring and summer but, if grown indoors, they can bloom during the winter too. If you want to grow these plants in your […]

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Spring arrangements and the best flowers to use

Each season has it’s own benefits and things that we can look forward to. Spring is no exception and this is quite literally when the world around us seems to bounce back after a cold winter. With so many beautiful fresh blooms from which to choose, it’s no wonder spring arrangements find their way into […]

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Houseplants that produce red blooms

As the holidays approach, we all start looking for the best ways to decorate our homes and really welcoming the festive spirit. Plants and flowers are an excellent addition to your home during this time. Especially houseplants that produce red flowers. Here are some of the best options for you. Amaryllis These houseplants are cultivated […]

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Fresh blooms that will always impress

Shopping for the perfect gift can be tricky these days. Our friends and loved ones seem to have everything they could possibly want and need. However, there is one gift that will never go out of style – fresh blooms! Here are some reasons why flowers make great gifts and how to make your bouquet […]

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Beautiful flowers for your New Year’s Eve party

When you compare flower arrangements today with those that were enjoyed years ago, it’s easy to see how much they have changed. Not too long ago, festive décor consisted of colourful streamers whereas, today, we tend to prefer a more elegant approach, like luxurious beautiful flowers. Warm and welcoming When you welcome your guests on […]

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Sweet gifts to celebrate this Easter

Easter is often associated with indulging in sweet treats. While there are a number of traditions – both religious and non-religious – associated with this special time of year, the most important thing of all is family. Letting your loved ones know how much you care about them is extremely important. Especially if you are […]

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