The amazing flower that blooms under the full moon.

The moon-flower (Ipomoea alba) is closely related to the Morning Glory, but whilst the latter blooms in the daylight, the moon-flower opens up under the light of the moon. This, paired with the large white blossoms, helps attract night-flying moths to pollinate the flower. They also get their name from the round, full moon-like appearance of the flower when they bloom.

The flower petals will die the following morning, but have been known to stay alive until noon if it is a particularly cloudy and cold morning, and will blossom again as the sun sets. These beautiful flowers are native to Florida and Mexico, travelling south to North Argentina.

The moon-flower will often grow as a vine, along fences, in sizes up to 20 feet in a season, with blooms of up to 6 inches across.

An interesting way to ensure you have gorgeous blooms all day long is to grow both together. By planting these two vines in the same area, as they grow the flowers will intertwine and bloom alternately as the sun rises and sets.

Whilst these are a truly beautiful flower, care must be taken, especially with the seeds, as they are incredibly poisonous when ingested.