Houseplants that produce red blooms

As the holidays approach, we all start looking for the best ways to decorate our homes and really welcoming the festive spirit. Plants and flowers are an excellent addition to your home during this time. Especially houseplants that produce red flowers. Here are some of the best options for you.


These houseplants are cultivated specifically to be grown indoors. They are really easy to care for and they bloom during the winter season. Their bloom season lasts for several weeks and the bulb of the plant gets stronger each year. Additional flower stalks grow from the bulb each year.


If you, like many people, struggle to grow houseplants because you do not enjoy much sunlight, bromeliads are great for you! These houseplants are so easy to care for. You can place water in the cupped leaves and the plant will essentially water itself.


Many people associate these houseplants with little more than a spiky surface. These housplants are excellent for those who want plants that are easy to care for and will produce a lovely flowers. These blooms are bright in colour even if they are smaller than most other blooms. They grow slowly which also means that they will not need to be repotted anytime soon.


These houseplants produce one of the most unique-looking blooms. Not only are they bright red, but they are also glossy and they are actually modified leaves. If you look closely, you will notice that these spathes (modified leaves) have a heart-like shape.


These houseplants are in fact succulents and they produce lovely little blooms. The plant enjoys a long bloom season. However, in order to produce blooms a second time around, the plant requires long periods of darkness. In many cases, people prefer to toss the plant and replace it rather than struggle to get it to rebloom.

These are just a few of the best houseplants that produce red flowers. Not only can you enjoy these lovely plants in your own home, but you can also consider them as Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones.