Holiday wreath design step by step

Wreaths are a popular floral design that can be used various areas of your home – both inside and out. They are perfect for hanging on doors and walls but they can also be set on tables as centrepieces. If you are feeling creative and you would like to make your very own holiday wreath, here are all the steps you need to follow. The process might take a bit of time but it is rather simple and there are no strict rules to follow. You can explore different ideas and get creative with every wreath design.

You will need:

– Floral foam ring

– A selection of flowers

– A selection of foliage

– Seasonal extras like holly berries, small Christmas decorations, ribbons and so on.


  • If you decide to use fresh flowers for your holiday wreath, remember to soak your floral foam before you begin. Do not make it very wet but it should absorb enough water to keep your blooms hydrated.

  • If you are using silk flowers, you do not need to soak the floral foam.

  • Start by adding foliage all around the outer and inner edge of your floral foam ring.

  • Now add foliage to cover and conceal the floral foam but do not place them too close to one another. You want to leave space in between for your flowers.

  • Add your festive flowers and be sure to alternate between at least two types and two colours. Red and white are great options but, if you prefer, you can stick to red and use gold accessories later. Blue and silver are also a lovely combination.

  • Make sure that your flowers are spaced apart. They do not need to be too close to one another.

  • Now it’s time to add some accessories such as pine cones, mistletoe, holly, cinnamon sticks and so on. You do not need to add all of them. Only add the ones that will suit the theme and colours off your wreath. If you like, you can spray paint pine cones silver or gold to add some sparkle.

  • Attach a ribbon (preferably made from fabric) if you plan on hanging your wreath. If you wish to place it on your table, be sure to place wet floral foam on a plastic tray.

If you place your wreath on a table, it will have a hole in the middle. Here, you can display something like a votive candle or even a small candle inside a clear glass vase. If you are worried about placing flowers near an open flame, you can always use an LED candle instead.