Spring flower care tips

Whether you pick flowers from your garden or order a bunch from your local florist, there are a few important care tips for your spring flower bouquet. Here’s what you need to know about spring flower care and how to get the most out of your beautiful flowers.

Daffodils are a popular and beautiful spring flower. That said, they are not the best to pair with other blooms. This is largely due to the fact that their stems secret latex which can be harmful to other flowers. If you want to add them to a mixed bouquet, you should trim the stems and let them sit in water on their own for 24 hours. Afterwards, you can safely add them to a bouquet.

Tulips continue growing even after they have been cut. It is best to ask your florist to deliver tulips that are still in bud form. These flowers will not take long to open and it will mean that you get to enjoy them for that much longer. Since tulips are grown from bulbs, you should use cold water in the vase.

No matter the flowers, you should also remember that you should not fill the vase to the brim. You need only cover the bottom of the stems and remove any extra leaves. Particularly any leaves that will end up under the water. The less plant material is in the water, the slower bacteria will develop and the longer your flowers will last.

To help the stems stay upright, you can pierce the stem just below the base of the tulip flower. Alternatively, you can attach skewers or floral wire to the stems. This will help give the stems added support so that they don’t wilt prematurely.

Finally, don’t forget to add floral food to the vase water and change the water regularly in order to make sure that your flowers always have a fresh source of water and food.