August birthday flower arrangements

August is the final month of the spring season so, if you know somebody who is celebrating their birthday, you want to make the most of it. During this time of year, you are sure to find plenty of fantastic August birthday flower bouquets at your local florist. If you are not sure what types of blooms are best for this occasion, here are some excellent ideas to keep in mind as you browse.

Sweet-smelling gardenias

If you want to send an August birthday flower bouquet that will impress the lucky recipient from the second it arrives, you should consider including gardenias. These flowers are known for their amazing scent which will easily fill a room. It is important to note that they are rather delicate so you should avoid handling them unless absolutely necessary. The petals are known for turning brown if they are handled so make sure that you only hold them by their stems.

Delightful dahlias

If you are not all that keen on the idea of such a delicate August birthday flower gift, you could always opt for dahlias instead. They are readily available around this time of year and you will find them in so many different colours too. You can select a single colour or you can mix it up to create a truly bright and cheerful display.

August birth flower

If you are looking for an August birthday flower bouquet that is more traditional, you should consider including the blooms specifically associated with this month. For the month of August, the birth flowers are gladioli and poppies. Poppies might be more difficult to get your hands on but you can be sure that your florist should have gladioli in several colours.

Always popular

Other than these two beautiful options, there are also several blooms that every florist will keep on hand throughout the year. If they are not in season, these flowers are either cultivated in greenhouses or they are imported from countries where they are in season. Examples of such blooms include roses, carnations and lilies.

As you can see, there are so many different options from which to choose. Remember, you can always mix it up if you are still not sure which bouquet is best. In addition, when you shop for flowers online, your florist should have a section dedicated to birthday blooms. Here, you are sure to find the perfect August birthday flower arrangement.