Fresh flowers to decorate your Easter eggs

You can get more creative than ever this year when it comes to choosing fresh flowers for Easter. You can even get more creative with your blooms by using them as part of your Easter d├ęcor. Here are some fun ideas.

Floral crown

Make each egg their very own floral crown using small fresh flowers. Baby’s breath is a great option for this. Make a mini crown and rest it on top of the boiled egg. Set the egg in an egg holder and use a black marker to draw some cute eyes, a nose and a mouth.

Pressed flowers

Another way of decorating your Easter eggs is by collecting fresh flowers and press them. You can stick them to your boiled eggs once they have cooled down. If you want to use a natural adhesive, all you need to do is mix up some flour and water. Boil and mix for a few minutes before using this ‘glue’.

Flower baskets

Decorating your Easter eggs does not always mean that you have to decorate the eggs themselves. You could always decorate a basket with fresh flowers and use it to hold your brightly-coloured Easter eggs.

Vase fillers

Another great option is to use fake eggs as vase fillers for your Easter bouquet. Make sure that you choose eggs that are colourful and that their colours complement the colours in the bouquet. If you are unsure, you can always use colourful eggs and white blooms.

These are just a few ideas to help you make the most of fresh flowers this Easter. Not only can you enjoy these decorating ideas yourself, but you can share them as gifts for friends and loved ones. Fresh blooms are excellent for brightening up any home this spring season and there are so many ways of enjoying them. Many of these crafts are great for children too, so feel free to get them involved.