Easter bouquet care tips and advice

When you receive an Easter bouquet, you want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. Here are some excellent flower care tips and advice to ensure that your beautiful blooms stay fresher for longer. Remember, all flowers will eventually perish but you can get more out of them by taking a few simple steps.

Remove packaging

The first thing you want to do as soon as your Easter bouquet arrives is remove the packaging materials. Plastic and paper have no place in your flower vase. Carefully remove the wrapping and any string so that you can arrange your blooms comfortably in their vase.

Trim the stems

Before placing your stems in a vase, you should take the time to trim them and remove any lower leaves. Not only do leaves use up the plant’s energy but, if they are below the waterline, they will encourage the growth of bacteria. Trimming the stems of your Easter bouquet blooms will also give them a fresh surface for absorption.

Fresh water

Your Easter bouquet will need fresh water from the start. You can add flower food to the vase to help ensure that it receives some extra nutrients too. You will need to change the vase water regularly in order to ensure that your blooms do not dry out. If you notice that the water is turning cloudy, this indicates bacterial growth and you should change the water immediately.

Perfect location

It’s extremely important to make sure that you choose the right spot for your Easter bouquet. Keep fresh flowers away from sources of heat, direct sunlight and wind. Your coffee table or dining room table, for example, should prove to be just right! If you have pets, make sure that your blooms are not at risk of becoming their new favourite toy.

Regular care

Keeping your Easter bouquet fresher for longer will require regular care and attention. Take the time to check on your flowers each day. Check the water level and quality as well as the quality of your blooms. Retrim the stems every few days to ensure that bacteria does not cause a blockage and prevent them from absorbing water and nutrients. If you notice that any of the flowers have wilted, you should remove them right away. Dying flowers will cause healthy stems to perish prematurely too.

With these handy tips, you can be sure that your Easter bouquet will look amazing for that much longer. You can order your bouquet early and have it delivered a couple of days before this special weekend. You can then continue to enjoy its beauty for at least another week, depending on the type of flowers you have selected.