Christmas décor for use all winter

Decorating your home for the holidays is something than many people love to do as a family. There is an amazing sense of satisfaction that you get when you stand back and take it all in. If you love your Christmas décor so much that you want to enjoy it for months rather than weeks, here are some tips.

Winter accents

Christmas décor usually comes in the form of red, white and green accessories. That said, you can turn Christmas decorations into winter accessories if you take a few simple steps. All you need to do is tuck away any obvious references to Christmas. In other words, pack away Rudolph, Santa and so on. You can, however, still enjoy decorations in the form of snowmen, reindeer, snowflakes and all things associated with winter. You may even find that many of these items are even cheaper after Christmas!

The right colours

As mentioned above, Christmas décor usually includes red, white and green. So, you can take a different approach this year by using neutrals and metallic colours instead. Neutral colours include white, brown and off-white. Metallic colours include silver and gold. They can even be matte if you do not want anything too shimmery in your home.

Remove the red

Once the holidays are over, take some time to remove red flowers and accessories from your Christmas décor. This will leave your arrangements green and white which is perfect for this time of year. You can even add some neutral shades like brown in the form of pine cones.

Versatile decorative pieces

Sometimes Christmas decorations have a clear festive theme whereas others have more of a winter feel. One example is a nativity set versus a scene of a house in winter with twinkle lights. Both can be enjoyed as Christmas décor but only one can be enjoyed for the winter season.

Extra lights

You don’t need to get rid of your festive lights. You can, instead, use neutral-coloured lights instead of multi-coloured lights. You can enjoy these lights throughout the winter season to brighten your home without underlining a festive theme.

Fresh flowers and potted plants are also excellent forms of Christmas décor. When placing your order for holiday flowers, make sure that you select blooms that will suit the entire season rather than the holidays. Alternatively, you can order a red, white and green bouquet to enjoy on Christmas and remove the red flowers once the holidays are over. This can also be done if you are planning on displaying silk flowers in your home this festive season.