Fun rose and rosé arrangement

Roses and rosé go so well together that they can even be arranged together to create the most beautiful centrepiece. You don’t need too many supplies and this arrangement design is so versatile that you can even use it to create other inspired displays.

You need:

  • Fresh roses
  • Fresh foliage
  • Two bottles of your favourite rosé wine
  • Floral foam (in the shape of a wreath/ring)
  • A shallow dish slightly larger than the floral foam
  • A pedestal dish or otherwise elevated dish for display purposes
  • Ice cubes


  • Start by soaking your floral foam in some fresh water before placing it on the shallow dish.
  • Now trim your roses and foliage stems so that they are just a couple of inches in length.
  • Insert the foliage around the edge of the foam so that it is concealed.
  • Now add roses here and there and have them face various directions.
  • You can add some more fillers like filler flowers or berries for extra colour and texture.
  • Add some more foliage to make sure that the entire wreath is covered.
  • Once complete, you can place the wreath and bowl on the pedestal stand.
  • Now add some ice cubes to the centre of the wreath and place your bottles inside. Remember, smaller wine bottles will look best because the full-size varieties will tower over the arrangement and make it look top heavy.