Flowers for a gold theme

A gold theme is fantastic for a number of occasions. These include weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and even birthdays. No matter the occasion, when you want to make it golden, keep these floral décor tips in mind.

Firstly, there are no gold flowers but this has never stopped anyone from opting for this colour scheme. One great tip to keep in mind is that white flowers work really well with gold accents. You can place white blooms in a gold vase, for example, or you can add gold accessories like gold beads or gold coloured sticks.

Gold spray paint also works wonders. Even if you don’t want to spray any flowers, you can always spray some leaves instead. Make a bouquet of white or off-white roses even more impressive by surrounding them with a gold leaf border.

If you want to add just a little bit of gold to your bouquet, you can also do so by decorating the vase with some gold glitter. All you need to do is apply some glue to the vase – in the design you wish to create – and then apply glitter. Allow the glitter to set and the glue to dry before gently tapping the vase to release any excess glitter. Now add water to the vase and your flowers.

If you are using the gold them on your table settings, you can add other accents like gold napkins, white plates with gold detail, and even gold overlays on the tables. There are so many ways of adding gold and, the best part of all is that even subtle hints are more than enough. In fact, when it comes to a gold theme, subtle is best.