Floral décor to celebrate your engagement

When planning a summer engagement party, it’s important not to be boxed in when it comes to décor and food. For example, the type of flowers you use to decorate your wedding doesn’t have to be the same type of floral décor you use to brighten up your engagement party. In fact, it’s best to avoid using the same flowers and colours for both events. They are separate events and should be treated as such.

Understated elegance

In many cases, the floral décor for an engagement party should provide understated yet elegant appeal. You don’t want your engagement party decor to overshadow your wedding! Simplicity and elegance are essential in this case.

Party theme

Start by considering the theme of the party. Some choose a wine tasting-style celebration, others prefer a more casual BBQ, and fancy parties with a spectacular view are also an option. If you want to host a wine tasting event, you need to have enough wine and glassware available for your guests. You will also need to serve a selection of cheeses and fruits and breads. Other options include a salad bar, perhaps some fresh hummus, and similar foods that will complement the wines. As for decoration, make sure you choose floral décor that does not contain toxic properties. Roses are usually the safest bet, but your florist will have plenty of other ideas too. You can also add some fresh grapes as part of the table design.

Casual style

When you decorate a place that offers a sensational view, you don’t want to go overboard. The main attraction here is the view, so your flowers and decorations should be a little less conspicuous. Outdoor grilling is also wonderfully casual. You’ll be dressed to the nines for your wedding day, so why not enjoy some casual social time with your loved ones and friends? If you have a swimming pool, you could decorate it with floating flower arrangements and candles. You can also add a few torches to the garden for extra lighting. Keep your floral décor simple and natural. If you have flowers growing in your garden, you might want to use some of them as part of the decoration. Alternatively, you can order similar flowers from your florist to decorate the tables and your garden will keep its colourful charm.

Bright colours are ideal for such joyful events and are more suitable for summer celebrations. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone a little and, if you’re not sure, you can rely on your florist to offer you professional advice! They will help you choose the perfect floral décor for this happy event.