Flower confetti you can make yourself

Wedding planning can be quite exhausting when you think about all the big and potentially minor decisions you have to make. Choosing flowers for the ceremony, reception and hand flower bouquets is considered a big decision. The confetti, on the other hand, is smaller. Confetti has come a long way over the years, and many couples opt for flower confetti instead of paper scraps from a hole punch. Here are some things to consider when choosing your confetti.

Natural variety

Many people have become increasingly aware of the impact our actions have on the earth as a whole. Non-recyclable products can have a seriously damaging effect on the surrounding environment and local wildlife. For this reason, natural options are becoming more and more popular. Rice is considered a natural alternative and has been used for many years. However, imagine dozens of guests throwing rice at you. It’s bound to sting. Instead, you should consider flower confetti. Made from fresh flower petals, they will fall softly and definitely won’t cause any pain no matter how hard they are tossed in the air.

Flower varieties

Now that you’ve decided to throw petals instead of paper or rice, it’s time to consider which petals will make the best flower confetti. By far the best option is to go with roses. Its petals are relatively large, silky smooth, and heavy enough to fall over when thrown. If you opt for other, smaller petals, they may end up wilting when it’s time to shower you with joy and congratulations.

The right colour

This is really up to your discretion. There is no rule that flower confetti of the same colour as the main flower should be used in centrepieces or bridal bouquets. Yes, you can opt for just one colour if you like, or two colours. You can even ask your florist to mix it together to make a truly colourful and joyful combination. It’s absolutely up to you.

Silk alternatives

If you like the idea of ​​rose petals but don’t want to risk them starting to turn brown or wither, you can order silk petals. Yes, flower confetti made from silk flower petals are readily available, so you don’t need to pluck the artificial flower petals.

If you have fresh flowers or your neighbour has enough flowers in his garden, you can always choose flower confetti yourself. Just make sure there are enough flowers and don’t pick them too early. You want someone to help you pluck the petals on the morning of your wedding. You can keep them in the fridge (in the vegetable drawer) so they don’t dry out.