Send flowers to friends and show you care

Even if you cannot visit your friends during this time, you can still show them that you care by sending flowers and gifts. You don’t have to wait for special occasions to show them that you care. You can send flowers to your friends and show them that you are thinking of them.

Types of flowers

The first thing that you will need to consider before you send flowers is what kind of blooms you wish to send. Roses and lilies are two of the most popular choices. There are several varieties from which to choose which means that you have many choices. Some other great options include carnations, chrysanthemums and tulips. Sunflowers are also wonderful for brightening their day.

Friendly colours

As important as it is to choose the right types of flowers, it is equally important to select the right colours. Red is associated with romance while pink symbolises affection. Yellow is often associated with friendship, especially when it comes to yellow roses. White blooms represent purity and innocence so keep all of these meanings in mind when selecting colours. If you are ever unsure, you can always opt for a mixed arrangement.

Something sweet

You may have noticed that florists do not only offer fresh flowers. They also offer a wide selection of gifts that can be ordered along with your bouquet. Luxury chocolates are a popular extra gift to include with beautiful blooms. It will make the gift that much more special. There are other optional gifts that you can include such as wine, balloons and cuddly bears.

The gift of your time

The greatest gift that you can give is the gift of your time. When you spend time with those you love, you make them feel special. Sure, you can send flowers, but you should also make time to talk on the phone or online if you cannot do so face to face.

No matter the type of flowers you choose or any extra gifts you choose, it is always important to write a personal message whenever you send flowers to a friend. Take a moment to write something truly sincere and memorable.