Romantic blooms and what they mean

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, you might be frantically shopping for the perfect romantic blooms. Here are some of the top choices as well as some information about what each flower means. This way, you will be able to select a bouquet based on the message you wish to send to your partner or spouse.

Red roses

Arguably the most popular of all fresh flowers, roses are always a hit. Red roses are known for being the number one choice when it comes to romantic blooms. This is because they are the symbol of passionate love. Remember, the message your bouquet sends will also depend on the number of roses you send. So, take some time to consider which one best represents your relationship.

Pink peonies

Peonies are available in various colours, including pink. The pink variety is a lovely choice when shopping for romantic blooms. Not only are these flowers opulent in their beauty, but they are also delicate in appearance so they make the perfect gift for a truly feminine lady.


A true symbol of elegance, tulips have a unique appearance. They are known for their large and colourful flower heads. They are available in various shades, including red. Red tulips, like red roses, symbolise passionate love. If you are in the honeymoon phase of your relationship, you might want to opt for pink tulips or even a bouquet that contains several colours.


If you want to brighten their day with romantic blooms that are different from the rest, why not choose sunflowers? These blooms are large and bright which is what makes them so appealing. You don’t need to pair them with any other flowers or foliage. Just make sure that you have a tall vase because these flowers have long stems and they need plenty of support.


Yet another popular option when it comes to romantic blooms, you can never go wrong with carnations. They are also an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget. Red carnations represent passionate love while pink ones symbolise affection. Again, just like roses and tulips, you can also opt for a bouquet of mixed carnations. These flowers have a lovely texture which means that they don’t need to be paired with any other blooms. Of course, you can add some baby’s breath if you like.


These are one of the most elegant of all flowers. While you can choose cut orchids, many people prefer to send a potted plant instead. This is because they last so much longer and your Valentine will enjoy these romantic blooms year after year.


With plenty of petals adorning each stem, these flowers are a true joy to behold. Available in various shapes, sizes and colours, mums are popular as mass and focal flowers. Like many other romantic blooms, you can stick to a single colour or mix it up. You can also consider adding chrysanthemums to a bouquet of mixed blooms if you like.

Now that you know more about these popular romantic blooms, you will find it that much easier to pick the perfect bouquet. Remember, your florist should also have a special section dedicated to Valentine’s Day flowers which makes shopping even easier. If you are on a tight budget, be sure to check out their cheap flowers section for bargains.