Decorating your event tent with flowers

Sometimes you simply cannot find the right venue in the right location to host your wedding, birthday celebration, or other event. This is when a large tent will prove to be your best option. Of course, when you think of a tent, you might instantly imagine your guests crawling in and all cramped in a tiny space. This is not the case at all and tent events can be incredibly elegant if they are decorated properly.

The right décor means that you will need beautiful lighting and flowers. Fairy lights and coloured lights can transform a plain white tent into a sanctuary. Similarly, you can create any theme you like by choosing the right flowers.

For example, if you like the idea of a fairy or forest theme, you can choose small blossoms, slender sticks, and various accessories like beaded wires to decorate the borders of the tent and your tables. Use subtle lighting and battery powered candles to complete the décor and keep all of your table cloths and chair covers white.

For something more sophisticated, you could use more greenery to decorate the tent and place orchids or gardenias on your tables. If you use white flowers, make sure that you choose a colouful table overlay so that they stand out. If your flowers are brightly coloured, you can use white table cloths and overlays if you like. The point is that the overlay and the flower should never be the same colour or they won’t stand out.

If you need to decorate your venue in advance and you are worried about your flowers wilting, remember that you can always ask your florist about silk flowers. Even if you don’t place silk flowers on the tables, you could still use them to decorate the tent and in cases where the flowers cannot be placed in a vase or floral foam.