Top floral décor for Christmas

Each season brings with it a wonderful variety of seasonal flowers. During the winter months many people might think that there aren’t may flowers available, but there are more than you realise. Here are some of the top flowers for Christmas.


Poinsettias are the most popular of all Christmas plants and flowers. While many people think that they grow red flowers, these are not actually flowers. They are, in fact, leaves that have turned red. It’s also interesting to note that they are tropical plants.


Mistletoe is usually associated with kisses but it can also be used to decorate your Christmas tree, wreaths, and in other festive decorations.


The bright berries and prickly green leaves are perfect for decorating various areas of your home. You can trace the use of holly back to the time of the druids. They used holly to keep bad spirits away. In the Christian faith, it is tradition to associate the berries with the blood of Christ while the leaves represent the thorns that were used to make his crown.

Christmas Cactus

The Christmas Cactus is perfect for brightening up just about any room in your home. While you might not be able to set up a Christmas tree in several rooms, you can order more than one Christmas Cactus to add colour to your entrance hall, kitchen, dining room, and so on.


There are various types of lilies and they are available in several colours. Some are better suited for Christmas than others. For example, there are some striped varieties that resemble candy canes. You can use lilies in centrepieces or you can even add them to your Christmas tree.


Another lovely red flower, amaryllis flowers have a lovely bell shape and bold colour. They are available throughout the winter which makes them perfect for this time of year. You don’t have to use the cut flowers alone. You could even opt for a potted variety if you like.

Finally, don’t forget about the importance of the vases you choose when displaying Christmas flowers. Some options that are the most versatile include red, white, green, and clear. Make sure that you choose a vase that creates a colourful contrast with the colour or colours of the flowers.